What Marketing ideas for people looking for job ?

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    I have a company that provides a service for people looking for jobs, this could be either people who dont have a job and are looking or people in a job but thinking to change, Im trying to think of ways to market my services to these people. so far ive thought of:

    -google ad words obviously
    -posters in job centres? (if allowed)
    -advertising on linked in (but the cost per click is a ridiculous 2 pound PER CLICK!
    -leaflets at job fairs?

    -i also thought of the method which job agencies use, they search sites like cv-library.com and you can see people who have uploaded their cv’s recently meaning they are looking to change jobs. HOWEVER, it costs 1 pound per contact details for each c.v. which can get quite expensive!

    Please help.

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