What is Trading Currency in South Africa ?

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    Trading currency and commodities is extremely risky as these stocks are extremely volatile. In my opinion you should be in front of a computer from en to close of the stock exchange and you have to sell out before close because you never know what will happen over night, you also have to know what’s happening in the world, you have to study behavioral investing on top of everything else. You can make or lose big amounts of money in literally hours, but make no mistake this is no easy money, remember that nobody can predict the markets, some people are literally gambling. I’m not sure if any of you have seen a show on dstv where there are people from different backgrounds and jobs that trade on the market, for the last 2 years the people that won and made most money had no clue what they were doing, that shows this is gambling for them but it also shows that knowledgeable and educated(on the subject) people didn’t do as well. I personally never trade commodities or forex, quick money can leave you broke!

    I like investing in equties for long periods, I work on intrinsic value of a company, when share price drops at least under 6% of the intrinsic value I start buying, the moment goes over that margin I stop until the price has gone over it’s share value, bear in mind that this process can take years. Of course fundamental analysis, behavioral investing, world economy and etc must also be taken into account.
    Bottom line is, this will be a full time job and I believe I’ve given you some good points to consider before you jump into it.

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