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    I work full time in the finance industry in real life (back office) and have taken a deep fascination in the realm of private equity, because it’s something I do not know much about, even though I work in the field. I’d like to test my knowledge and possibly set up either a private stock exchange or a private equity company to control and regulate the trade of stock between runescape companies. As I do not have much time for the game it would perfect to do something I love with real world application, in a relaxing environment like this. I am not soliciting money at all as I have plenty of funds for this operation, but I mainly want to gauge the communities views on this. I tried a private bank a few years back and it caught interest but I did not gather enough capital. I also tried trading but it was a bit boring.

    The way I would set this up is that I would create a third party website to upload and regulate data. I would allow businesses to apply and do valuations for them. The reason I am emphasizing on private equity is because there is no possible in game mechanism to regulate this, unless jagex incorporates it. So I decided this would be the best route. Of course, all this boils down to trust, but I am trying to make it so that businesses become viable in the game. Right now it feels as if the companies in the game are really just shells run by one person. I want to really encourage team building. I think the runescape economy would really see a per capita growth rate which would possibly incentivise developers to add new perks to keep it interesting.

    Please help.

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