Making permanent changes to Console ?

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    I’m new to programming. I’m using Visual Studio Community and coding in C++.

    So, I open the program, then select New Project > Empty Project.

    Under Solution Explorer, under Source Files, I add a new C++ File(.cpp) and then start coding.

    After I’ve finished typing my code (which I know is correct, for sure), I build a solution.

    Choosing to either ‘Start Debugging’ or ‘Start Without Debugging’ does NOT keep the console open.

    So I have to go to Properties > Linker > System, then change SubSystem (from a blank) to Console (/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE).

    This solves my problem. However, I have to keep doing this every time I start a New Project.

    Please help.

    I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.


    animation video

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