How to add info to the BACK of a panel or canvas?

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    These days I sign and date (year only) the front of my oil and watercolor paintings. (I know there’s disagreement about whether to do so, but that’s an issue for other threads.) I’m wondering about the medium for adding slightly more detailed info (artist, title, medium, year, perhaps brief thoughts on the artwork) to the back.

    In the one show I’ve done, and in the 2-3 shows I’m doing over the next year, the gallery asked to add a label to the back of my paintings. For oils on panels, I guess I can print out the info on an Avery label and stick it on. (The panels are mostly dark, so hard to handwrite.) But for the upcoming shows I’ve also got framed watercolors (with brown paper covering the back) and stretched canvas. I’m not sure how to add labels/handwriting to these. Even if I weren’t doing shows, I’d be interested in best practices for adding artist/title/medium/year (and blurb?) to the back.

    Please help.

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