Confusing maven error: Cannot run program ?

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    That looks like an error message saying that it can’t find a certain file. But you’re talking about a JAR file in a way that makes me think that there’s something inside the JAR which is supposed to be used. And things inside JAR files are resources, not files, so perhaps the code throwing the error message is looking for a file and not a resource?

    This particular JAR file isn’t available in a Maven repo that I could find so I had to first (sigh) manually add it to my local repo and then reference it. Previous suggestions about using other methods to access the local JAR file in Maven don’t work as that local JAR file isn’t in the final output JAR. Thus, the only way to add a local JAR that I’ve found that actually (not in this case, sadly so far) works is to first add the JAR to your local repo, then reference that JAR as a dependency in your pom.xml.

    Please help.

    I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.


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